You are meant for more!

(Disclaimer: This is Purpose language being spoken here, be alarm if you are not able to adhere to its dialogue and overall tone of this message.)
I had a crazy busy day yesterday. But still manage to wake up in the middle of the night and burn a few hours of real work…my passion. Remember the time you spend on a traditional job does not amount to the payoff of what you put into the assignment that God has charged you with. Many times we ignore that itch that tells us, that we are more than what we think. Many times we give a backseat to the dreams that knock at our hearts everyday. So many are not experiencing the life they were meant to live because they have been sold a bad bill of goods from society and close ones that say ‘Find and work a job with the most security and give your precious time to that company.’ Than those people wonder why they find themselves so unhappy on a job that does not appreciate them. I am not telling people to quit a job or start a business, I’m simply stating and relaying a message to someone that’s familiar with the ‘itch’ I’m talking about. That you were meant for more and you can become more, if you are willing to have the guts and fortitude to go after what you really want out of this life.


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