An Unbridled Passion!


The story of John Lasseter represented a dreamer’s pursuit for his passion in art and innovation. To make a very long story short, he was an artist that dreamed of working for Disney. While pursuing this dream, he achieved it, and enjoyed his time there. Yet when he had thoughts and dreams of taking animation from 2D to 3D, he was literally laughed off the Disney grounds. They fired him, because they felt he had become a threat to the company. So what he did was take his dream and presented it to same liked minded people. Two people from two different background, Edwin Catmull a computer scientist and Steve Jobs a successful businessman. Together they would form a a powerful motivated, innovative, cohesive team. Together they would defy all odds and accomplish the unheard of at the time. They build great teams of passionate and talented people. The road was not paved with gold in the beginning, in fact they had to create the road. Through many challenges and setback they redefined an entire industry and made history with the success of ‘Toy Story’. Today, all of Pixar’s films are complete successes, its films have made over $6.3 billion worldwide. This story represents an unbridled passion for perseverance in ones pursuit of what they believe is possible. Such a possibility is not obtainable without a passionate team. I encourage you all to checkout “The Pixar Story” for yourself. It truly is inspirational and worthy to acknowledge when trying to accomplish a HUGE vision or dream.



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