What does 23C mean?

stevenspielberginterviewThe story behind calling this blog ’23C’ has everything to do with a brilliant young man, Steven Spielberg. 23C represents the audacity to dream big in spite of your current position in life. This blog is set to aid you with your passions and your thoughts for a better life.  Here is the story of how Spielberg  came to Hollywood.

To look at Spielberg when he first arrived in Hollywood as a 21 year old, there was nothing slick about him. He was a geek in the Bill Gates mold.

So, how did he break inside Hollywood’s closed gates? Well, actually, the gates of Universal Studios weren’t closed to him. One day he decided to don a suit and tie and carry a briefcase (his father’s), and simply walk past the guard gate. Back in the sixties, aspiring young men in Hollywood like Spielberg just didn’t wear suits and ties. The guards at the Universal Studios gates just assumed that he was a young studio executive. Seeing that his ruse worked, day after day for months, Spielberg went to the Universal lot and just hung out, waiting for the right moment.

In his case, the right moment was an empty office in an empty bungalow. Spielberg and his suit, tie, and briefcase (which, according to Spielberg, usually contained just “a sandwich and two candy bars”) moved in and began passing himself off as a film director. Once settled into his “office”, he then went to the studio’s main switchboard, introduced himself, and they set up a phone extension so he could receive calls. And, according to his account, “I went to a camera store, bought some plastic name titles, and put my name in the building directory: Steven Spielberg, Room 23C.

Although there are some who dispute the veracity of Spielberg’s tale of commandeering his own studio office, the fact is undeniable that he did con his way onto the lot and this eventually led to him directing Joan Crawford in Rod Serling’s “Night Gallery” television pilot at age 22.

All else is a part of Hollywood “history.”


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