Time to Reposition

We pray for the individuals that work for the government. Their jobs are being threatened due ‘discovering reasons’. Consider this short analogy, in the game of chess, like any sport you start out with a plan. One that you believe will lead to success and victory. Often throughout the course of the game unexpected things can take place forcing you to reconsider your plan and develop a new. The events of the past two days are perfect examples of why it is important to not depend on a system, job or establishment. It will put those in involved in a position to rethink their positions. I speak very strongly in support of going after those things you ‘truly’ desire to do in your life. That thing that can and will produce a profit. Remember your passion is your profit. Since the past week, my clientele is growing in light of what is taking place. People are starting to wake up and understand, that the life they desire to live is not rooted in a traditional job. (Disclaimer: I am not speaking to those individuals that enjoy and love their employment) This is targeted to those that are feel that itch. That thing that is within that won’t go away. Choose to do what you love is my message.


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